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Well since today is Halloween I thought I’d share this.  Every year my family and I got to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland.  This year (after his “success” at D23) my dad decided he wanted to be Grunkle Stan again and so Chuck and I were happy to be Dipper and Wendy.  Originally we were going to have a lot of other people joining us (a Mabel, a Robbie, a Soos, a Candi & a Pacifica)
Well things didn’t go according to plan so it was just the three of us.  We kept trying to convince my mom she should be Lazy Susan.  She kept shutting us down
Cue the night of the party and my mom is dressed in all black and I just figure she’s going to be boring for the day.  Next thing I know, I go into the living room of their hotel room and she has the FREAKING MYSTERY SHACK ON HER HEAD!!
I was floored, this woman… I mean, she’s just awesome!!  She was so proud she got the coke machine in there.  I don’t even know how many screen caps she must have gone through.  It’s all made of foam and super light.
People kept stopping us for pictures and little kids just kept staring in awe!  Needless to say we (and more importantly she) were a hit!!! 

Also, my parents are friggin’ amazing!!!! ^_^

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    gravity falls. You can see why so many people love it.
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